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CEO Tycoon: My Game Studio Game Guide: Ready to Run Your Company?

CEO Tycoon: My Game Studio offers an exciting opportunity to start and run your own game company. In this guide, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the game's key elements and strategies. If you are ready, let's take your company to the top together!


You can grow your story from a garage to an office in space. You can grow your company even more by hiring employees and managing them.Make games and play your own game.Use strategic thinking, decision making and business skills to succeed in CEO Tycoon.Make your company a worldwide success story and rise as a CEO!To run your company you need to keep the balance all the time.



CEO Tycoon: Meet our characters in My Game Studio. Everyone who should be in the office environment is here, but where are you?



Developing new games is important to boost your company's success. Learn about the types of games in CEO Tycoon and tips for developing them. The adventure doesn't end with running your gaming company, you also have the chance to create and play your own games. CEO Tycoon provides a lot of depth with different game experiences.



The bar at the top of the game screen creates your balance in the game.The aim here is not to make employees completely happy or completely unhappy. The same function applies to the other options as well. If you completely fill or consume the money part, you will be eliminated again. You need to make your decisions according to your process in the game, not according to your emotions. For example: Among the questions that come when your employee section will be completely full: Our office is very hot, should we buy air conditioning? Although you want it to be taken emotionally and logically, you have to choose the "No" option because you will be at the stage of losing the game. Do your best to maintain the balance.



In-game events can help your company grow and succeed. Learn about them and find out how to make the most of them. You will need to use many different items. Giving the right items to the right people will help you progress in the game.



CEO Tycoon: My Game Studio, different divisions allow you to manage different areas of your company. Discover the features and importance of each section. You can start your dream from a garage and open an office in space.You can even collaborate with aliens. Maybe you have a lot to learn from them.


Chapter 1:

You must carefully advance your adventure that started in the garage. Take small steps and try to grow your team on the way to launching a game. In the next stage after releasing your game, you move yourself to a bigger place that is in line with your dreams.


 Chapter 2:

Your first game is out and everything is fine, you are now at the point where you work in the office. In this phase your dreams are to release more games, grow the team and get your name out there.


 Chapter 3 :

Everything is going exactly as you want and the whole world has heard of you with the games released. While you were working in a small office with the team before; now you bought the building where your office was located.


 Chapter 4 :

As the years passed, you thought, "How much bigger can we get?" The universe answered your question in a short time. With a new life form, the whole world changed. Now it wasn't just humans you had to make happy.


How to Play: 

Learn step by step how to play the game from start to finish. Discover key gameplay strategies and tips. CEO Tycoon: My Game Studio is a card-based simulation game that allows players to build and manage their own game company. The goal of the game is to have players use strategy to create a successful gaming company. Players hire employees, develop new games and fulfill various tasks to grow their company. At the same time, competing in a competitive market requires players to make their decisions carefully and identify the right strategies. CEO Tycoon: To succeed in My Game Studio, players need to maintain balance. Like employees, players, quality, money.


Game Play Videos:

For those who want to get a closer look at CEO Tycoon gameplay, watch the recommended gameplay videos. These videos can help you better understand the core elements of the game.

CEO Tycoon: My Game Studio is ready to experience the thrill of running your own game company. This guide provides the essential information and strategies you need to succeed. Take action now and build a successful future for your company!


 You can visit our website to run your dream game company. You can join the adventure from Google Play, App Store. You can add CEO Tycoon, which will be released on Steam soon, to your wish list.


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